About me

Renata Ormandíková (as written by Zuzana Gažíková) is a ropewalker without a safety net. She balances on the rope, astonishing her audience, keeping balance (mostly by a crotchet or knitting needles) between high art, grandma design, infantile knit-toying and chintzy kitch. It is worh of mentioning that she never falls down. This is the essence of her post modern art.

Renata Ormandíková

Born – 22.12.1968
Study – 1983 – 1987 School of Applied Arts Bratislava / textiles (Pichler, Berger)
1987 – 1994 Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava / textiles (doc. Bajus)

She prepared her own fashion shows, participated in a series of fashion shows „Fashion Bratislava“. She worked as a costume designer in theatre performances e.g. „English is easy“, „Gothic“, „Comics“, „Soap Opera“, „John and Yoko“, „Modells 2“, „Waiting for Gott“, „Pitbull“ for the theatre GunaGU. In 2004 she created costumes for the Slovak film „Two syllables behind“. As a costume designer she participated in a production of dozens of advertising spots. In 2008 she opened her own gallery – little shop „Cosmic Beauty“.

In 2011 she prepared her individual exhibition „ Trophies“ for the Center of Koloman Sokol in Liptovský Mikuláš. In 2012 her design project „Wedding“ was exhibited in Bratislava galleries – Michalský dvor and River park gallery. Nowadays, she devotes herself to creation of jewellery, art objects and accessories.